Labuhan’s Ceremony is one of traditional ceremony since islamic mataram kingdom XIII until now it’s always be held , it still influences  societies of  Yogyakarta. The societies belive that it will make safety, peaceful and make prosperety to Societies and Nation. Although who is held is yogyakarta’s kingdom but  the societies of yogyakarta participate either. The societies fell that culture has to be saved and they think that it’s a need. Labuhan’s ceremony is usually held in different places and the place usually has long distance each other.

  1. Dlepih or dlepih, it’s located in tirtomoyo, wonogiri central java.
  2. Parangtritis beach the south from yogyakarta.
  3. On the top lawu mountain it’s border from surakarta and madiun and between central java and east java.
  4. On the top Merapi mountain , it’s located in  Sleman, Daerah Istimmewa Yogyakarta.

Labuhan’s  Ceremony is a tribute which is done in speciale place, same as faith in the place that ever happened important moment that gotten by the kings in the past .

A Ceremony’s tribute that had been done by  forefathers is a culture of animism and dinamism. The culture is combained by islamic culture, it followed by praying. There is any magic formula with is said in arabic and javanise.

This ceremony just be able to be held from sultan’s comanding. What it need is done by the sultan’s families. According to yogyakarta’s kingdom, labuhan’s ceremony is held formally for some of events, those are :

  1. Coronation sultan’s ceremony.
  2. The day of coronation’s sultan ceremony, it called “”Tingalan Panjenengan” or “Tingalan Dalem Panjenengan” or “Tingalan Jumenengan”.
  3. For celebrating 8 years of coronation’s sultan.

Before that ceremony, the sultan will give pieces of nails and hair,they have to be planted in that place. Something else that have to be prepared are : cigarete, traditional make up, plainted mat…., etc

It’s not wonder, many tourists are interested in attending that ceremony, a respect ceremony or crowded for taking by force to get many things in labuhan.

Labuhan”s ceremony has saved yogyakarta’s cultutre and also Labuhan”s ceremony has been magnet tourists that loved by society.


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